WowApp – A New Messaging App That Pays You To Use It

Wowapp gets paid by displaying ads when you open a new message. You get paid to socialize use it to chat, share, post messages and many more. These ads are non-intrusive, and you get paid whether you click on them or not. Your earnings are updated in real-time so you can always find out how much you have earned. When it comes time to cash out, you can decide whether to receive money in the form of transfer to your Bank account, Credit card account or a direct deposit to PayPal. You can also donate to a charity of your choice.

My review
When I first heard of WowApp from someone that knew me I was skeptical and cautious. Was this a scam? How can you make money from a free messaging app and not spend any money? There must be a catch.

Before signing up the app I googled “WowApp” and I read nothing but good things and found no one had any issues. Then WowApp safe and found it was rated as safe. Then I checked out Youtube and there were many videos of people promoting it. Mostly from Europe and South America.

I then checked out some Youtube videos and saw the company was founded by Thomas Knobel of I was certainly impressed with everything that I found. Very legit in my findings.

So after feeling comfortable I signed up.
Wow! I was so impressed with the quality and design. Just the fact that they have it working on all platforms certainly was impressive. I invited my friend for her phone and we tried all the features. We first had fun with the emoticons and icons then I went in a separate room and tried out each calling feature first the voice then video and then private mode.

Everything was excellent. The quality was great at least for wifi. Then when she was out we tried it using 3g and the audio was very good. Much better than Facebook Messenger.

The next morning when I brought up the app I heard these coin drop sound and I just made a few coins. Awesome! I know it is only a few cents but I understand the power of multiplication.

I was curious about the commission structure and so after more research this is what I found:

WowApp’s commission structure is really easy to understand and to do.  It is like an Affiliate Plus program.  An affiliate program is where you share your link with as many people as possible to make a certain percentage for your efforts.  For example when I share my link for I can earn 6% to 10% of what a person purchases on Amazon for a few days after they click on it.

The problem is that I only get paid only on my efforts.  If I tell someone about a company and they run with it and get others to purchase I get nothing for bringing it to their attention.   Oh where is the justice in this?

Now WowApp uses an Affiliate Plus program and the Plus part is that you get to earn commissions from the people that are invited by the ones you invited to 8 generations.  Wow!  That is powerful!

So you simply share your affiliate link with as many people as you can.  Then you become their first generation and you get 25% commission of their ad viewing revenue.  Now when they share WowApp with their friends they are the first generation to them so they get 25% and you are the second generation so you make 12.5% from their ad revenue.  And so on to the 8th generation.

Oh plus I didn’t even mention this but maybe it should be Affiliate Plus Plus because you also get 20% commission from your own ad viewing.  Even Amazon doesn’t do that.  For example I can’t use my affiliate link and get paid from my own purchases from Amazon.  But WowApp is amazing!

Let me give you an example of the power of this Affiliate Plus program.

Let’s say to start you had 5 friends wanting to try WowApp.  If this was a normal affiliate program you would make about $1 per month from that usage.  Ok not too exciting.  Hey, but at least that is still more than what the other apps are paying you.

Ok but with the Affiliate Plus those 5 also shared it with 5 who shared it with 5 who shared it with 5 to the 8th generation.  That is an incredible 390,625 people that you are being paid commissions on!  Do you see it?

Now even if those people earned you just one penny per month that would be $3,906.25 per month!  So do you see how pennies can add up?

Of course your earnings depend on you and your network of people and not all people will share it with 5 but you might get some that can share it to 1,000.  But if you tell no one and chat with no one you earn nothing.

Cheaper then Skype:
I told a friend and he joined and after seeing the great rates he bought credits to call his friends in Cambodia. Skype was 30¢ per minute and now WowApp is only 5.9¢ per minute. That is a huge saving!

If you think this is some type of pyramid scheme then you are mistaken.  A pyramid scheme is where people join for money to get others to give them money and so on.  These are bad and illegal in many countries because so many people lose their money.

WowApp is just an honest opportunity that is free to join, free to use and they are sharing their revenue with the users.  Everybody wins with WowApp. To join WowApp simply click on the button below to sign up and get started: