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Get Paid To Websites (more offer for International member)


Get Paid To Websites (GPT) is a site that actually pays their members to do certain works or tasks and these websites are in business by receiving money from their advertisers then share the percentage of the earning with members who help them to generate income. Most of the GPT websites usually provide more offer for countries like United States, Canada or England and it's not really easy for other international countries members to earn from their site.

Now international members can get more offer with Get-Paid . They have a lot of activity for you to participate likes :-

Make cash with offer and earn up to $200 per month, by completing offers, watching videos, and filing out surveys.

Play games in LIVE tournaments to earn more cash or practice for FUN ! Have fun and get rewarded for it .

Stay active and win more cash with their contest. Every month, they will be rewarding the top 10 users who have completed the most offers successfully and can win up to $50 bonus.

Members also can earn more money by referring friends and other peoples to sign up under their name. For every new member you refer to Get-Paid, you make 20% of what they earn (tier 1), and 10% of what their referrals earn (tier 2).

The way to Make 100$ A Month, is DAILY SURVEYS !

Unfortunately not many members are aware of the potential of this section.
It might be tricky when you first try these surveys to get approvals, however by trying other surveys which are more suitable for you you could actually be making 100$ a month, JUST FROM DAILY SURVEYS ! This is REAL. It is not a fake promotion.

To make $100 a month (or more!) all you have to do is to make 5 successful daily surveys EVERY DAY, and you will be making 100$ a month minimum.

The only trick here is to get approved for the surveys. The good news is that it is possible. Here are some tips:
  • Most importantly!!! ALWAYS CLEAR COOKIES BEFORE EVERY SUCCESSFUL OFFER OR SURVEY you complete. You can do it in the options of your browser (Ctrl+Shift+Del) or by using a program like Ccleaner.
  • Secondly, if the survey is about a subject, for example, movies/cinema, then answering questions by showing interest towards movies/cinema would help you to be successful in that survey and get paid for it.
  • If you don’t qualify right away, you can try again Instantly! Just click on the same daily survey, and start again !
  • Take your time and read all the instructions.
  • Never DO the survey too quickly - The time you spend will be tracked. The longer time you take, the higher your chances of approval !
  • Never give up! if you tried some daily surveys without success try again, until you get it. The rewards are worth the extra effort !

Not only this, but also since Daily Surveys are worth DOUBLE POINTS in the CONTEST, you could be making an extra 50$ as well, per month!

Good luck and enjoy your 100$ a month !

Stop Reading And Start Doing


When I got started making money online I spent way too much time reading about how much money other people were making and not nearly enough time actually doing stuff. I love what I do for a living and the internet is huge. I am sure there is enough space for everyone.

make money
Make money online immediately with CashCrate

What is CashCrate?

It's one of the best ways to make money online without spending one penny. It's a “get paid to” program that pays you for signing up and taking surveys. It's simple to register with them and you can begin making money immediately. Like many of you, I’m really skeptical when I hear of websites that offer something like Take Surveys – Earn Money.

Most will scam you with ridiculously high payout restrictions or have hardly any surveys. This site is completely different and 100% legitimate. You get to chose from pages and pages of offers. Also, there are 5 daily surveys that bring in $3.90 per day.

This means that you can earn $1,423.50 per year just taking the daily surveys which is $117 extra cash per month! There are many ways you can earn money on CashCrate. You can make money doing any of the following surveys, offers, shopping, trial offers, point offers, contests and their referral program.

How does it work?

Companies need people to try their products and services. They get paid by the advertiser and then pass 75% of their payment along to you. One of my favorite things about them is you can go shopping through their site.

What I mean is they have companies on their site like walmart, iTunes and several other companies. You can purchase whatever walmart etc. has online and get cash back. That is a great way to buy your everyday things for much cheaper than you get them now.

Who can join?

Members are allowed worldwide. If you have an Internet connection you can join their site. The only requirement is that you have to be at least thirteen years or older. It's a great way for a teen to earn money!

There's some teenagers that make more than many adults do with their daytime jobs! If you live outside of English speaking countries you won't have many offers to do. You can still make great money through the referral program though. There are many successful members making a huge income with referrals.

How do I get paid?

They have a minimum payout of $20 which they pay by check. It's so easy to reach $20 with them. You can reach that within an hour of signing up.Once you have reached $20 before the 30th of the month your check will be sent out on the 15th of the following month for bronze members. If you don't reach $20 before the 30th your earnings will roll over to the next month.


If you live in a country outside of the United States, Canada or England you can still make lots of money with the referral program. Referrals are people who have signed up under you. They will pay you 20% of what your referrals make and 10% of what their referrals make (second level referrals).

Plus they increase that percentage amount based on the number of referrals you have. At the top level you get paid 30% for your first level referrals and 20% for second level referrals. So, if you're at bronze level (first level) you get $0.20 of every $1.00 your referrals make.

Lets say you have 100 referrals and they each make $5 you get $100 in your earnings. If they do a survey for a $1 (example) they get that full $1 and you are still getting your $0.20. That's what makes their referral program the best out of all the GPT sites.

Also, you will get a $3 bonus when your referrals make their first $10. Once you are at silver rank you get a $1 bonus for every referral that signs up! Many of the members are outside the U.S. and they are making a great income by referring others. I've seen a few people with over $19,000 in earnings! As you can see the sky is the limit.

The best way to get referrals is by creating your own blogs or websites. So many people start blogs with no plan and think (hope really) that visitors will just start showing up. The only way people are ever going to find your blog is when you submit it to search engines like Google.

It needs to show up on the first page of Google using proper SEO (search engine optimization) for keywords you are targeting. Targeted traffic for someone hoping to get referrals on survey sites would be people searching for ways to make money.

Here are some examples of keywords to use in blogs/websites:

college students
layoff survivor guilt
survivor guilt layoffs
needing a job online
needing extra money
needing extra cash
teen jobs hiring now
teens at work
survey site cash
teen looking for jobs
part time night jobs
free ways of money
working night time jobs

If you use your imagination, that list can go into the hundreds I'm sure. Each word or phrase above is the type of person or people you want searching for your site.


One of the great features CashCrate has is they give one point for every $1 you make. There are surveys that are dedicated to earning points as well. These points can be redeemed for prizes like Visa Gift Cards, Company Gift Cards (Amazon etc.), iPods, Digital Cameras, handheld Game Consoles (PSP) and the major home Game Consoles (Xbox, PS3, and Wii).

You can also earn points playing in the game tournaments. If your score is in the top 5, you will win a percentage of the points entered. They have daily and weekly tournaments. Here is what the top 5 will win in a tournament:

1. 50% of the pooled points
2. 20% of the pooled points
3. 15% of the pooled points
4. 10% of the pooled points
5. 5% of the pooled points

You won’t make thousands of dollars really fast, but you can make a good sum of money each month, with very little effort.You can really expand your earning potential on this site by referring your friends as well. You get a 20% commission when they earn and a $3 bonus when they earn their first $10, so you can really rack up some substantial money.

Make money at the click of a button!!! Simply join Cash Crate today, and you can get some extra money in the mail every single month too! Just for signing up, you get a $1 bonus to start you off! So start make some extra money online!

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